Our Story

Who We Are

Words are powerful! And inkish® is an online retailer that sparks positivity and “inkspiration”. What you say matters! Especially when you’re talking to yourself! 

inkish® long-lasting temporary tattoos provide even longer-lasting positive influence – wearable, daily reminders that you and those around you are beautiful, strong, brave, powerful, kind, passionate, courageous, resilient, and an inspiration!

inkish® tattoos build confidence and strength, giving those who wear them boosts of power and positivity. As a result, inkish® wearers radiate greatness, and transform their mindset and messages into positive influence. Imagine what a world it could be if we all harnessed the power of words!

The inkish® Story

In early 2018, I found myself in several situations where the power of words and the influence they have – both positive and negative – was pretty overwhelming.  I was trying to teach my two very young daughters about the power of words, and how important it is to understand their influence. It was a difficult thing to do! Especially because when I looked around, I saw so much negativity – on TV, in politics, and on social media. I quickly realized that adults desperately needed to hear the same message.

Around the same time, I saw some temporary tattoos of positive messages in an etsy shop. I purchased some and my daughters and I put them on. They said “be kind” and “anything is possible.”  It was such an incredible feeling, and the impact they had on my mindset and attitude was powerful! I wanted more… but the shop I bought them from didn’t have a lot of options, and their focus was more about manifestation and chakras than about the power of words. I wanted something way more mainstream – and I wanted it to be more than just a tattoo… I wanted soul food. And that’s how the idea for inkish® was born.

From there, I put my 15+ years of marketing and graphic design experience to work, designing tattoos, developing messaging, packaging, and infrastructure… all with the idea that inkish® could make all the difference. That it could be that little twinkle of inspiration, a gentle nudge of value and worthiness, and provide a daily reminder of positivity and hope.

We know that inkish® is more than just tattoos – we’re a product with a purpose and a community with a cause. We’re building an “inkspiration nation” one person at a time, one tattoo at a time – treating positivity like glitter and sprinkling that stuff everywhere.

With much love and gratitude,

Melissa L.
Founder/CEO, inkish®